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Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR

Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
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Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR
Wenno x A Plastic Ocean AR

[Wenno x A Plastic Ocean Foundation -environmentally-friendly AR toys with recycling measures]


Wenno and A Plastic Ocean Foundation have jointly launched the AR marine animal toys learning kit, which is connected to physical toys through a smartphone, so that children can stay at home and learn about marine biodiversity and the excessive ocean pollution brought about by plastics.


The toy set will have a full range of recycling services. When the toy becomes worn out, or the toy is no longer needed, parents can return/send the toy to our designated service point:


1st Stage: we will refurbish the recycled toys, and donate them to the social welfare organization

2nd  stage: Recycle and remake the old toys into new toys or other plastic products




Product information

Product ID: 6408 Wenno xPlastic Ocean

Package size: 4.8" (W) x 9.7" (H)

Weight: 720g


-15 realistic models of marine animals=

-3 pieces of QR code in the tube are connected to the A Plastic Ocean marine conservation award-winning movie, Wenno 15 marine animal information online teaching materials, AR games


The excellent FSC® certification of product packaging cardboard ensures that the paper is harvested from source materials in a legal and responsible manner. The FSC® system enables businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use well-managed forests and/or when you see the FSC® logo on the label, you can purchase forest products with confidence to ensure our generations of forests Can continue in a healthy manner.


Packaging tubes are PET recyclable materials. We also encourage the reuse of packaging. We will also cooperate with local recycling companies and universities to establish toy recycling and recycling measures. Parents can send the damaged toys to the designated location, and we will post the details of the toy recycling program on the Ride website later.


For each purchase of the Wenno x A Plastic Ocean limited edition AR Marine Animal Parent-Child Toy Learning Set, $20 will be donated to A Plastic Ocean Foundation to support their research on tackling plastic pollution and the promotion of marine education.

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